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Teen Fire Nights
Teen Days Fall 2021

Sassafras will be offering a Teen Program once a month this fall on the weekends, on 4 Sundays, provided there is enough interest. We feel it's important to offer the teens a space to be themselves with experienced mentors, in nature, at Sassafras. We'll go on adventures, practice skills, face challenges, have conversations on social justice/truth in history/contemporary impacts, and enjoy cooking and eating some good food over the fire. During our first gathering, we'll ask the teens what they are excited about doing in the outdoors and on non-colonized land.


This will be a small group of 8-10 teens (12 maximum) ages 13 - 18, and for some activities, we split into two groups. We like to reserve half of the spaces for indigenous and black youth of color to assure balanced group dynamics.


  • Dates:  Sundays Sept 26, Oct 24, Nov 21, and Dec 12.  

  • Time:   noon - 4 pm at Sassafras

  • Cost:    $150 (regular price) OR BIPOC youth FREE (use of our Repair Fund is optional), OR $75 with 50% Financial Aid (unless you request more)

Teen Leadership Weeks Summer Camp (ages 12-14)
Teen Leadership Summer 2021

We offer two different programs for teens ages 12-18

Teens enrolled in either program below, can attend additional weeks in different roles, depending on prior experience with our approach and their level of maturity. There are 4 options we like to discuss with parent and teen prior to enrollment:

  1. Attend as a Participant (regular tuition)

  2. Attend as a Teen Helper in Training ($190/week or 50% of regular tuition)

  3. Attend as a Teen Helper ($100/week or admin costs)

  4. Work as a Teen Leader, for ages 15 and up. Apply for Summer Camp Staff

Teen Leadership Week 1 & Week 4 for ages 12-13-14

"Teen" Week for ages 12-13-14, is a rich week filled with outdoor experiences and activities that help young people navigate today’s world. We practice outdoor skills, and leadership conduct, and address Indigenous wisdom in relation to climate crises, and truth in history, we talk about the hazards of social media and encourage you to dive into your passions for nature. 

Dates: check back soon for 2021 dates

Times: 9am - 3pm

Cost: $385 per week 

Teen Summer Series for Ages 14-18

Join our Summer Series for Teens ages 14 - 18 on seven  Wednesdays with David Vanderhoop, Aquinnah Wampanoag elder. If desired, tuition for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) is covered by our Repair Fund*. David aims for at least 50% of BIPOC teens. This program will integrate 3 areas:

  1. Nature connection, care-taking of the earth, and Indigenous permaculture practices.​

  2. Decolonizing our minds and hearts; taking a look at the actual history of Native People and People of Color, historic trauma, and White privilege.

  3. Healthy lifestyle choices, sit spots, wild/ancestral foods, and peaceful communication skills.

Dates: 7 Wednesdays in July and Aug 

Times: 9am - 3pm

Cost: $550 / or Repair Fund* 

How to get here:

VTA times align with this program

Teen Experience & Edges
Teen Experiences and Edges

Sassafras provides experiences and training opportunities for teens in a number of different ways:

  • We offer opportunities for teens to mentor us and help out with younger children during our year-round Saturday programs.

  • Summer offers 2 weeks of Teen Leadership Training, come and meet your edges if you like to give back to younger kids and sharpen your skills.

  • Teen Summer Series is a once-a-week program on 7 Wednesdays in summer led by David Vanderhoop. You can work the remaining weekdays in camp, sharpen your skills and hang out with peers on Wednesdays!


Contact us to learn more, we like having you around.

Vermont Teen Rendezvous
Vermont Teen Rendezvous

The Teen Rendezvous is an overnight experience during the Vermont Art of Mentoring with concurrent programming for all ages and supported by Sassafras. for teenagers who are hungry for adventure, challenge, and connection with others who share a passion for the arts of wilderness living.

Your experienced guides have stories, skills, and songs to share, challenges for those who are ready, and games to keep the group alive and wild.

This will be an adventure never to forget. What are you waiting for?

Times: check back soon for 2023 dates

More infoVermont Wilderness School


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