Registration for SUMMER CAMP 2023 opens February. 

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Summer Camp for youth grade 1 and up!


Six weeks in July and August 2023

  • Camp weeks are Monday through Friday, from 9 am–3 pm

  • Weekly themes are still being worked on and may change until the end of this month.

  • For youth entering grade 1 (this fall) and up.


  • Sassafras camp size is limited and groups are small.
  • We allocate a certain number of spaces to safeguard participation for BIPOC youth.
  • Once a week is marked full, you can waitlist youth by emailing with the name and age and weeks of your choice.

Covid adjustments

  • We will be outside all day (weather emergencies excepted).

  • We will operate very similar to Summer Camp 2022.

  • For the majority of the camp day, youth will be in small, consistent groups with consistent staff mentors.

  • Groups will be spread out on the land and have their own base camps and handwashing stations. 

  • Sassafras will not offer water weeks, as this poses too many challenges with transportation.

  • We will continue our weekly beach days on Wednesdays, and walk to the beach. 

  • Sassafras will not offer any (shuttle) transportation (emergencies excepted). 


Summer Camp & Covid Guidelines are subject to change!

In a nutshell:

  • All registration forms, waivers, and payments need to be completed online before the end of April.

  • Quarantine after travel.

  • Do not come to camp if you or your family members experience symptoms.

  • Inform us immediately if that is the case or if you suspect a covid case.

  • Only participants, staff, and volunteers are allowed on the land. This year we have to say no to parents, grandparents and family and there will be no Friday closing circles.

  • Clear, swift, and timely drop-off and pick-up strategies are a must,  everyone will go immediately to their respective group locations. 

  • Physical distancing as much as possible, no hugging, no touching, no food sharing, no contact in games, etc.

  • Masks are not required outside when we are able to physically distance ourselves. Anyone choosing to wear a mask will be fully supported.

  • Masks are worn when inside the tipi, or when in close quarters due to weather or other emergencies (under a tarp, helping a distressed camper, etc…)



  • Your Summer Camp registration is complete after submitting the following (1) registration form, (2) accompanying payment or other financial obligation, (3) signed covid waiver, and  (4) immunization records.

  • Financial Aid Fund and spread payment applicants will receive an electronic invoice upon registration, that will be due immediately or as stated.

  • Repair Fund participants will not be invoiced.

  • Our preferred payment method is by credit card (sent via PayPal and you can pay via credit card). We also accept checks in the mail (please do not drop checks or registration forms off at our home).

Payment in full is due at registration unless you request a spread payment plan or Financial Aid.
  • No payment, late payment, and no communication can result in forfeiting your space.

  • Spread payment plans can be requested by anyone regardless of requesting Financial Aid. To do so, please use the "Register with Funding" form, as this form will not require payment in full at the end. You will be sent a payment plan with due dates and an electronic invoice.

  • For our cancellation policy please refer to our FAQ tab.

Repair Fund

Sassafras Repair Fund covers tuition for Indigenous/ Wampanoag participants, and for BIPOC families or households that choose to opt-in. This fund is intended to make some form of reparations for the injustices of the past and present, we do not make assumptions about access to wealth. BIPOC families can choose from 3 options: (1) full tuition coverage, (2) pay for tuition, or (3) support our Repair Fund by donating via the donation button below. For options (1) and (3) please use the "Register with Funding" form. For option (2) please use our regular registration form.


Financial Aid Fund

Note that Sassafras has not turned anyone away for lack of funds since we started in 2005. If you want to apply, please fill out the "Registration with Funding" form AND a brief Financial Aid Application form. Before you apply, we ask you to consider a payment plan and payment in full.

All participants receiving funding have an 80% attendance requirement.


Thank you and we look forward to a safe and fun-filled summer!

The Sassafras Team

(Week 1) July 2023: Get to know the Land 

Our basic curriculum teaches kids the basics of ancestral, earth, and naturalist skills. We celebrate the start of our summer by getting to know the land at Sassafras intimately. We set up our campsites, explore paths, make new ones, and find secret places where animals like to hang out. We play lots of games, play, run free, be wild and enjoy a day at the beach.


Teen Week I is for ages 12 and up and runs concurrent, see below.


  • Dates 2023: TBA

  • Times: 9 am - 3 pm

  • Cost: $400

(Week 1) July 2023: TEEN WEEK 

Teen Week will be offered twice this summer for ages 12 and up. Weeks are filled with fun adventures, challenging games, and outdoor experiences that help teens navigate today’s world. We practice outdoor skills, explore Aquinnah, and address truth in history, and today, we talk about indigenous wisdom, the climate crises, the hazards of social media, and things that you want to talk about! Our experienced mentors encourage you to dive into your passions for nature. 

Teens that enroll for both weeks will be encouraged to deepen their skills and experiences from the first week.

Teens can opt to work on their leadership skills during Teen Week, to attend additional weeks of Summer Camp as a Teen Helper. Participation in a Teen Week is required prior to being a Teen Helper. Please email Saskia to coordinate Teen Helper weeks.


  • Dates 2023: TBA

  • Times: 9am - 3pm

  • Cost Teen Week: $400 

  • Cost for each additional week as a Teen Helper: $100

NOTES: For returning Sassafras Teen Helpers and Leaders, we will offer a pre-summer weekend training in June. Let us know if you are interested by emailing Saskia.

(Week 2) July 2023: Fire Week

This week’s focus is on fire-making, in addition to our basic curriculum. Fire is a favorite of kids of all ages, and it contains so many valuable life lessons such as focus, safety, and responsibility. We learn how to gather and harvest good firewood, set up a fire structure, how to tend to it in a safe way, and how to tend to fires with different purposes. Learn the history and the respect for indigenous inventions like making fire by friction and the many other uses of fire. Older kids that are ready can carve their own bow drill set. Lighting your own fire is truly a magical moment!


  • Dates 2023: TBA

  • Times: 9 am - 3 pm

  • Cost: $400

(Week 3) July 2023: Tending the Land

Indigenous cultures tended and cared for the land and waters for 1000s of years. The earth gave all the people needed, and people understood what to give in return. People today need to return to living in balance with our mother earth, we can learn much from indigenous knowledge as we are in a climate crisis. Kids today are our future leaders, this week they will help out and learn about our LandCulture project, permaculture, and land restoration. We tend the wild, plant trees, learn to talk to the plants, harvest herbs, and learn about a traditional Wampanoag 3 sister's garden.


  • Dates 2023: TBA

  • Times: 9am - 3pm

  • Cost: $400

 (Week 4) July 2023: Craft & Creativity

For Ages 6 and up:

In addition to our basic curriculum, this week’s focus is on crafting and being creative. Nature gives us endless inspiration to be creative, and this week we let our creativity flow. Let nature's beauty inspire us, go out to find things on the land, and express ourselves with our hands, our voices, and our ideas. Carving, basket making, cordage, drawing, music, and making up games or skits, the sky is the limit! 


Teen Week II for ages 12 and up runs this week too! 

Please read the description on Teen Weeks above.

Dates 2023: TBA

Times: 9  am - 3 pm

Cost: $400  

(Week 5) Aug 2023: Harvest Week

For Ages 6 and up:

In addition to our basic curriculum, this week's focus is on harvesting from the wild. Learn about edible and medicinal plants, plant ID, how to harvest from the wild, and ecosystems. Learn to respect and value Indigenous ways that have so much to teach us in today's world. Communicate with plants, appreciate their gifts, and learn to give something in return to our mother earth. Gather herbs, and wild edibles, pick berries, and process, and make herbal teas and potions.

  • Dates 2023: TBA

  • Times: 9 am - 3 pm

  • Cost: $400

Sassafras Earth Education - Martha's Vin
(Week 6) Aug 2023: Ancestral Skills

Our last week of Summer Camp 2023 will focus on Ancestral Skills (we used to use "survival" skills and think that sounds limiting). Learn about the rich indigenous skills and practices that are needed to live and thrive in true balance with our mother the earth. Gathering edible and medicinal plants, shelter building, fire making, processing, and cooking, crafting items for use, and also communicating with the land and working together.


  • Dates 2023: TBA

  • Times: 9 am - 3 pm

  • Cost: $400

Sassafras Earth Education - Martha's Vin