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Tailored School Programs

Experience a natural way of learning!

Outdoor Home School

Sassafras’ Outdoor Home School program provides naturalist-, earth- and life skills training, through hands-on outdoor experiences that are balanced with reading & writing on outdoor topics.


Our curriculum includes:

  • Nature observation

  • Sensory awareness games

  • Tracking

  • Crafting

  • Creative storytelling

  • Research and journaling

  • Bird language

  • Playing music


Experience a natural way of learning, by following the seasonal changes and place-based curriculum, through quality mentoring.

Public and Private School Programs

Sassafras offers a variety of programs for schools and other organizations. We have facilitated day programs and overnight experiences for the Oak Bluffs School, the Chilmark School, the Charter School, and schools off-island.


Together with your school’s team or teachers, we create a format that includes the school's objectives. We work with elementary middle and high school students. 

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