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  • saskia vanderhoop

Building Community with Equity & Nature

(Formerly known as Teacher Training)

Sassafras is excited to offer a training opportunity for adults as part of the Alternative Summer 2020 series.

More and more people are becoming aware that our society is structurally defective in many ways. Humanity at large has “given away” personal power to institutions, politics, and an unjust consumer economy. It’s time to reclaim and assume our autonomy! Communities need to be rebuilt from the ground up, based on true equity, deep love for, and in symbiosis with our mother the earth. Old “divide & conquer” narratives need to move towards unity & co-creation.

We need to re-educate ourselves and our children, exposing truths other than ‘mainstream’ thinking, and rewire ourselves to reclaim our original instructions that can be found in nature. Our leadership style needs to fundamentally shift from 'power over' to 'standing with' and designed for all, so we can all rise up into co-creative wholesome systems.

Sassafras has 20 years of experience in creating a profound and transformative experience in nature, listening to what the earth and ancient traditions have been telling us. We utilize a shared - or circular - leadership model, that pre-dates us and offers a post-modern alternative. 

Sassafras is a 51% Indigenous organization that rises up for truth and stands in solidarity with all BIPOC and other historically/currently oppressed groups. We seek to balance the need for giving back and making reparations, with the need for re-educating all.

We will focus on Indigenous land restoration and what we call our ‘Land Culture Project' (aka permaculture). Sassafras will be transformed over time into a highly productive ‘food forest’ and traditional Wampanoag agricultural and forest landscape. We will deepen community ties through shared leadership that expresses authentic respect for First Peoples and all BIPOC. We will deepen our earth skills and regenerative practices together, and create opportunities for volunteers and family units to join us

  1. Acknowledge our past and present, with a focus on BIPOC voices.

  2. Deepen our nature connection journey and things you feel passionate about.

  3. Indigenous land restoration and land culture project (permaculture)

  4. Build a shared - circular - leadership model.

  5. Broaden our perspective on health and wellbeing, looking at ancient traditions, cutting edge science, and curbing planetary pollution.

  6. Commitment to mentoring as an important thread for regeneration.

​For more on dates, times, and cost, click here!

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