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  • Saskia Vanderhoop

Indigenous Land Restoration

2020 SUMMER CAMP ALTERNATIVE Martha's Vineyard

This summer Sassafras takes a new approach after cancelling Summer Camp 2020. With a focus on Indigenous land restoration and what we call our ‘LandCulture Project (permaculture), Sassafras will be transformed into a highly productive ‘food forest’ and traditional Wampanoag agricultural landscape. Our second focus is on deepening community ties thru shared leadership with real respect for First Peoples and on deepening our earth skills and regenerative practices. We create opportunities for volunteers and family units to join us, along with online content accessible to all.

Our core team (aka ‘Acorn’) meets 3 days a week (Tue-Wed-Thu) to work, learn and play for the original Summer Camp timeframe. A small number of people can join us as volunteers, teen helpers, or visiting family units. Our community will safeguard and honor each person participating, through creating safety and conduct agreements that respect different opinions and needs.

We envision a new way of working together, with more time for personal interactions, physical and inner work, to come to a renewed paradigm. Sassafras seeks to set an example in helping humankind to truly embark on a journey of deep change, as we begin to clear deep rooted systems that are oppressive, dependant, consuming and colonial. Our renewed vision is collaborative, independent, self-producing and creative.

Summer 2020 Alternative Offerings are in the same weeks and on the same times as our original Summer Camp dates, and we will offer:

  • family days

  • (teen) volunteers opportunities

  • teacher/parent training

  • online sources

We continue to stand by our "no-one denied for lack of funds" policy. Costs are waived for all families that made a donation equivalent (but do not include forwarded funds to SC2021). Otherwise Family Days will be $95 per full day and $50 for a half day. Repair Fund and Financial Aid percentages remain in effect for all families that requested those. Teacher/Parents Training details and costs still needs to be determined. Online sources will be offered at no costs.

Keep in mind that we will only book a small number of people each day or day part and that children will be the responsibility of the accompanying parents/adults.

If you are interested to join us, please contact Saskia (774 563 0628) to discuss your role, responsibilities and dates in advance.

We are doing a strong appeal to families to keep (some) funds at Sassafras, while at the same time offering FULL REFUNDS (minus the Paypal processing fee) if that is what you want/need. We ask you to consider donating your camp payment or a portion thereof.

We can also forward your 2020 payment to Summer 2021. This will assure Sassafras' financial-flow, and give us the time to apply for grants and tap into other funding sources.

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