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Sassafras encourages everyone to offer an acknowledgment of Indigenous territories and peoples. Noepe (Martha's Vineyard) is Wôpanâak territory. Decolonization and reconciliation are much needed, and offering acknowledgment is an empowering step in that direction. We believe that acknowledgments need to come from the heart, and not just copied, if they are to lead to lasting relationships and trust. Offering acknowledgments is the first step, there are many more steps that need to be taken.

Sassafras offers support to your organization in creating a meaningful acknowledgment and going beyond.

Sassafras is an Indigenous Wôpanâak organization. Our leadership acknowledges the following:

  • The destruction and plunder of Indigenous peoples and their communities the world over;

  • The murder and plunder of Native peoples of this continent;

  • The taking of Native and Indigenous territories and the betrayal of treaties;

  • The historic and ongoing separation of Native families and the removal of Native children;

  • The destruction, plunder, and acts of the enslavement of peoples of the African continent;

  • The fact that the US is built on the labor of enslaved people under inhumane conditions;

  • The ongoing destruction and oppression of Native and Indigenous communities, and communities of Color;

  • The ongoing destruction, oppression, poverty, and conflict resulting from colonialism the world over;

  • The psychological harm caused by colonization through historic, ongoing and chronic trauma;

  • The roots, subsistence, and evil caused by racism, a mental illness;

  • The ongoing destruction and occupation of Native and Indigenous land and waters;

  • The taking of Native teachings in the form of cultural appropriation without acknowledgment and reciprocity; 

  • Our Mother Earth's environmental destruction, pollution, habitat and species loss;

  • The impact humans have beyond earth and on all things unseen.

  • ​Nôepe is Aquinnah Wôpanâak territory and the entire US is indigenous territory.

  • We must give back to restore balance with all People, all Beings, and our mother the Earth.

For more information on land acknowledgments:

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