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Knife & Sharp Edge Safety Policy 

You can also download & print the letter here!

At Sassafras everyone is asked to strictly follow and implement the following protocol. We consider the use of knives, saws, hatches and axes, a privilege. Youth not adhering, will be asked to hand in their knives for a specified amount of time (often till the end of the program day). All participants are required to pass knife safety, before purchasing or bringing a knife to program.



  • Knives are for youth ages 7 and up, no exceptions.

  • Consult with us on the purchase of a knife for a youngster.

  • Sassafras only uses fixed-blade Mora knives.

  • Knives are to be kept in backpacks at all times and only come out during designated carving time.

  • Saws, hatches and clippers are only utilized under close supervision in appropriate age groups. 



  • Do not carry your knife on your belt, it’s a hazard during games and distractions.

  • Do not play games, or run with a knife.

  • Do not leave your knife out, on the ground, bench or table.

  • Do not send your child with folding knives, gadgets or any other knives than specified above.

  • Do not send your child with saws, hatchets or other sharp blade gear.

  • Do not assume that your child can carve safely by themselves at home, always monitor.


  1. Ask an adult or staff

    • Carving happens under close adult supervision only.

  2. Sit down in your carving bubble

    • Always sit down before you open your knife and remain seated

    • Create an imaginary bubble with your outstretched hand (not with your knife).

    • Warn others that are close, or about to enter your bubble, stop carving and warn them.

  3. Practice safe techniques from beginning to end

    • Don't talk and carve, focus on your work.

    • Always carve away from your body (this includes all body parts, hands, legs, etc…)

    • Carve in a controlled manner, and keep your movements small.

    • Keep your eyes on your blade, when interrupted, stop.

    • When not in use, put your knife in the sheath, secure it with a rubber band and put it away in your backpack or return to staff.

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