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Sassafras is an indigenous Wôpanâak nonprofit on Nôepe (Martha's Vineyard) founded in 2003. Our mission is to offer programs, events and trainings that reconnect youth and adults to the earth through indigenous mentoring, to create a truly equitable community space, and to restore earth-centered regenerative indigenous cultures.

We preserve traditional knowledge, cultivate wisdom, and restore balance using earth-centered education. Youth exposed to this model become rooted individuals that are deeply connected to our mother the earth. They develop character and regenerative leadership qualities, and become deeply invested in giving back to their communities and the earth.

Sassafras gives preference to native and BIPOC youth and adults, and provides full tuition coverage for those that choose. We engage in LandBack initiatives and developed our LandCulture project, a local permaculture project that restores the land to first people's values and practices. We offer trainings for organizations that want to educate themselves, improve their understanding and break with harmful patterns rooted in colonialism. Sassafras speaks out in our island community and beyond, on native matters and encourages people to activate

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