Staff/Intern Application

Welcome! This application is for you if you are seriously considering being a part of our Sassafras team this summer.  Our work is very rewarding, challenging, and all outdoors, and we work with people who are woke only. The application is for Summer Camp Staff, Interns, Volunteers, and Teen Staff.

Staff Training is required and consists of 2 paid days on June 30 and July 1, 2022. Camp hours for staff are from 8 am - 4 pm Mon thru Fri for 6 weeks from July 4 - Aug 12, 2022.

Applicants need to know that there are lots of ticks on Nôepe during some periods of summer. Tick prevention and daily tick check routines are part of our protocol.  

Age requirements are as follows:

  • Staff and interns 18 and up

  • Teen Leaders 16 and up and depending on prior experience. 

  • Teen Helpers ages 12 and up use a participant form.

It's important applicants realize the holistic approach we call Nature Connection Mentoring, which is very different from outdoor ed. If you are not familiar, please read up on our website.

Sassafras puts a lot of emphasis on a just representation of first nations people and all IBPOC. Please read our opening statement on the home page.

Summer Staff and Interns can apply for glamping accommodations right here at Sassafras, provided they do not have summer housing on the island. Accommodations include platforms, a limited amount of tents (you will be asked to bring your own), an outdoor hot & cold shower, outdoor kitchen, fridge and freezer, wifi, and a common space with a fire pit and shelter. Living at Sassafras means that in addition to working in the camp, you live mostly outdoors at Box Turtle camp, and have the responsibility to take good care of yourself (and that includes solid daily tick checks). Glampers need to be settled in by Wed June 29, 2022.

IBPOC Preference 

Sassafras has a strong preference in hiring Wampanoag/Indigenous people and POC, as per our reparation policy and to give back the Indigenous teaching we embrace. Additional preferences are any other people from historically marginalized groups, communities, or ancestries.

Questions? Email, call, or text us, we'd love to talk to you! Saskia cell 774 563 0628, David cell 508 560 2969