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Truth about Thanksgiving 2021  
"Ungrateful Taking" held at FELIX NECK 

FREE and open to all - DONATIONS welcome and much appreciated!

Outdoor speaking event that addresses the truth about our Thanksgiving holiday hosted by Wampanoag elder David Two Arrows Vanderhoop from Sassafras Earth Education and held in collaboration at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary.


The Thanksgiving tale we tell is a harmful lie, and the objective of this event is to educate the general public why. During this event there will be an Acknowledgement of the Wampanoag Territory and People, a Thanksgiving Address, an account of the true historic events that lead up to the celebration of this holiday, an explanation of why and how harm continues today, and a call to action to bring a message of truth to your dinner table.


This outdoor fireside event will take place at Felix Neck on Thursday November 18 from 4 - 5:30pm and is organized by Sassafras Earth Education. David Vanderhoop will be the keynote speaker and there will be 2-3 additional Wampanoag speakers (t.b.a.), and drumming.


This event is outdoors and people are asked to bring a chair, a blanket and a hot drink to be comfortable. We will be seated around a fire and please note that it will be getting dark during this event. There will be some chairs and pik-nik tables available. 

Date: Thursday November 18 from 4pm - 5:30pm

Location: Felix Neck, MassAudubon, Felix Neck Dr, Edgartown

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Indigenous People Day 2021  
First Annual at FELIX NECK 

FREE and open to all - DONATIONS welcome and much appreciated!

Join us for the First Annual Indigenous Peoples Day and acknowledge the Wampanoag territory of Noepe. With speakers, drumming, music, info tables and storytelling for kids. 


A Sassafras initiative in collaboration with the Aquinnah Cultural Center, that will take place at Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary on Indigenous Peoples Day 2021 on Monday October 11, from 2-4pm. Join us to hear from Indigenous speakers why commemorating Indigenous Peoples Day matters. Speakers will address a variety of topics such historic truths, contemporary impacts of "C" day, honoring Wampanoag ancestors and Indigenous peoples continued legacy today.

The goal is to promote the commemoration and celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day, to make the general public more aware of our Wampanoag presence, and the ongoing impacts of settler colonialism. The event will be opened by a spoken acknowledgement of the Wampanoag territory and of Indigenous Peoples Day. Speakers include Kristina Hook, Ramona Peters, Carole Vandal, Camille Madison, Durwood Vanderhoop and David Vanderhoop.

Date: Monday October 11 from 2pm - 4pm

Location: Felis Neck, MassAudubon, Felix Neck Dr, Edgartown

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Fire Circles - all genders - Closed Group

Ongoing series of monthly gatherings; an open fire circle for adults of all gender orientations. Fire Circles provide an important place for healing, by sharing and listening to what’s present in ourselves and others.


This fall we are gathering with a closed group for an outdoor evening around an intentional fire, where all can share what’s on their hearts and minds in a confidential way. This will be a well held ceremonial space, together we will co-create a container to process thoughts and feelings to help transform and strengthen our relation with earth, each other, and our truth.


This Talking Circle will be lead by David Vanderhoop - Wampanoag elder - and is created as a safe space for IBPOC. All attending are encouraged to be their real and full selves, and tone policing is discouraged.

We can address issues that are upfront, big deals to you; it is in these areas that we find an opportunities for personal growth. What happens in fire circles is magical, over the years we see people leave feeling connected, recharged, and with an increased sense of meaning.


Sharing is confidential and we value authentic expression and deep listening. 

This is a closed group, if you are interested, contact us.


Cost: Free (donations to Sassafras welcome)

Next date: see calendar


Donations of firewood are always welcome!

Women Fire Circles Fall 2021 FULL

All welcome who identify as women!

Sassafras provides a space of support and sisterhood for women and those that identify as such, in a series of Monday evenings once a month this fall. We start out the evening with an activity or story that connects us to nature and our mother the earth and by creating a safe and confidential space. We take turns in sharing about monthly topics that focus on social and environmental justice, while fostering personal transformation. We meet outside around an intentionally tended fire (as the weather permits), or inside our cozy tipi around the wood stove by candle-light. Registration is open to 10 participants (less than in the past due to the pandemic) and to create intimacy, this will be a closed group.  At the end of this series we can discuss continuing in winter or spring. We enrich the evening with wildcrafted tea, treats, and song. 

Dates:  Mondays Sept 27, Oct 25, Nov 22, Dec 13/20 (last date t.b.d)

Time:   6 - 8:30pm 
Cost:    $120 for the series of 4 

We offer spread payment, financial aid, and our Repair Fund covers full tuition for BIPOC households that choose to partake.

Consult or Mentoring 1-on-1

Looking for a consult, a life-coach or you are specifically interested in the understanding and application of our NCM approach? We are specialists in connection. If you want someone in your life that really listens, is not afraid to ask questions that deepen your personal journey, or have been looking for someone that can help you move towards your goals and can encourage you to find your passion, please contact us for an exploratory conversation. Read more about our experience with Indigenous work on historic accuracy and contemporary impact and anti-racism work in general on our "Consulting" tab.

Become a Volunteer

Sassafras is always on the look-out for people who like what we do and want to contribute and be a part of our community. We welcome all who are interested in short or long term volunteer experiences or who have an interest in learning nature-based mentoring through service, please contact us!