Adults & Family


The Thanksgiving Myth Busted  
Talk - Potluck - Conversation at the Ag Hall 

"A Truthful Representation of History and an Acknowledgement of Indigenous Territory" 


This event is intended for teens and adults

The celebration of Thanksgiving has long been a point of controversy for many communities across Turtle Island. It’s time that we take a hard look at what actually happened. Presentations given by Ramona Peters (Mashpee Wampanoag) and David Vanderhoop (Aquinnah Wampanoag) will explore the origins of this historical myth, the facts that have been overlooked, as well as giving their perspectives as indigenous people whose homelands and ways of life continue to be colonized.


Please bring a dish to share, drink, and place settings for the POTLUCK. 

Date: check back soon for 2021 dates

Location: Ag Hall, 35 Panhandle Rd, West Tisbury

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Building Community with Equity & Nature 

Our Alternative Summer 2020 offerings include this training opportunity for adults consisting of an in-person and an online component.

NOTE: The fall 2020 seasonal version of this program will be posted soon

  • With a focus on Indigenous land restoration and what we call our ‘Land Culture Project' (aka permaculture), Sassafras will be transformed over time into a highly productive ‘food forest’ and traditional Wampanoag agricultural and forest landscape.


  • We will deepen community ties through shared leadership that expresses authentic respect for First Peoples and all BIPOC. We will deepen our earth skills and regenerative practices together, and create opportunities for volunteers and family units to join us

More and more people are becoming aware that our society is structurally defective in many ways. Humanity at large has “given away” personal power to institutions, politics, and an unjust consumer economy. It’s time to reclaim and assume our autonomy! Communities need to be rebuilt from the ground up, based on true equity, deep love for, and in symbiosis with our mother the earth. Old “divide & conquer” narratives need to move towards unity & co-creation.


In this series, we will deepen the following topics during our Monday webinars:


  1. Acknowledge our past and present, with a focus on BIPOC voices.

  2. Deepen our nature connection journey and things you feel passionate about.

  3. Indigenous land restoration and land culture project (permaculture)

  4. Commitment to mentoring as an important thread for regeneration.

  5. Build a shared - circular - leadership model.

  6. Broaden our perspective on health and wellbeing, looking at ancient traditions, cutting edge science, and curbing planetary pollution.


On Wednesdays, you can join us in person to apply new insights and to participate in our land culture project, as we reclaim our human role of caretakers of the earth and restorer or the land. We will be physically active; walk, work on the land, or go for a swim, play games. If you want to be less active, that's ok too.


Dates, Times & Options:

  • Mondays: 6 Weekly webinars, from 7 pm -8:30 pm with an instruction/storytelling component and conversation/sharing

    • July 6, July 13, July 20, July 27

    • August 3 & August 10 

  • Wednesdays: 6 Weekly in-person training days from 9 am - 3 pm (for adults)

    • July 8, July 15, July 22, July 29

    • August 5, and August 12

    • Location: Sassafras Earth Education, Aquinnah

  • Tuesdays or Thursdays: Optional weekly family days (in-person)

    • Full-Day: 9 am-3 pm

    • Half-Day: 9 am-noon

    • Half Day: noon-3 pm.


Share Sassafras with your loved ones!

Have access to our online instructional videos, made weekly here on the land.

Enjoy being part of a community of people that you can talk to and ask for support.



  • Full program costs: $650 (includes 6 Wednesdays and 6 Webinars)

  • Webinars only: $150

  • Our Repair Fund covers full tuition for BIPOC an effort towards reparations

  • Our Financial Aid Fund can cover partial or full tuition for all in need.

  • Donations of any amount are appreciated and much needed at this time.

NOTE: no-one is denied access to our programs due to lack of funds.

Open Fire Circles - mixed gender

Ongoing series of monthly gatherings; an open fire circle for adults of all gender orientations. Fire Circles provide an important place for healing, by sharing and listening to what’s present in ourselves and others.


In the current times with endless challenges, circles are pillars for community and village building, as circles value equanimity, difference, and growth of understanding. With Nature Connection as a core value, circles “optimize” and bring out “the best” in people.  


Sassafras makes a conscious choice to create a space where we can address issues that are upfront, big deals to you; it is in these areas that we find an opportunity for personal growth. What happens in fire circles is magical, over the years we see people leave feeling connected, recharged, and with an increased sense of meaning.


We meet outside around a consciously set up, and well-tended fire. During inclement weather, we retreat into our heated yurt.


Sharing is confidential and we value authentic expression and deep listening. Please join us, and invite a friend, partner or co-worker.


Cost: Free (donations to Sassafras welcome)

Next date: see calendar


Donations of firewood are always welcome!

Womens Fire Circles 

All welcome who identify as women!

Sassafras provides a space of support and sisterhood for women with nature connection at the center, in a series of Monday evenings. Moving consciously through the seasons and the natural cycle, we start out the evening with an activity or story that connects us to nature and our mother the earth. We take turns in sharing about monthly topics such as regenerative living and social justice while fostering personal transformation. We meet outside around an intentionally tended fire (as weather permits), or inside our cozy tipi around the wood stove and by candle-light. To build trust and a safe space, we close the group in October, or sooner at 12 participants. All women are asked to commit to the series of 6 dates, to share honestly and vulnerable, and to be open to being uncomfortable at times in order to grow and transform. We enrich the evening with a wildcrafted tea, treats, and singing. 

Time:   6:30 - 9pm 
Cost:    $150
Dates:  ongoing - please inquire.
See calendar 

Mentoring 1-on-1

Looking for a life-coach or you are specifically interested in the understanding and application of our NCM approach? We are specialists in connection. If you want someone in your life that really listens, is not afraid to ask questions that deepen your personal journey, or have been looking for someone that can help you move towards your goals and can encourage you to find your passion, please contact us for an exploratory conversation.

Become a Volunteer

Sassafras is always on the look-out for people who like what we do and want to contribute and be a part of our community. We welcome all who are interested in short or long term volunteer experiences or who have an interest in learning nature-based mentoring through service, please contact us!